Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Key West - High Speed Ferry

It's rather imposing from the front
The Key West Express runs between Ft Meyers and Key West. It's a 170 ft long catamaran that cruises at 34 kts at a round trip price of $155. It runs daily but we've never been on it. We've had friends that have taken it for a visit with us. It's about 2 hours faster than trying to drive from Ft Meyers to Key West plus you don't have to find a parking place.

How do you know you're getting fresh fish? You buy it at a market where you see the fish come in!
That's the Half Shell Fish Market
Today we had our prop shaft aligned. We had a vibration right after we had work done to replace the aft oil seal on the Volvo diesel. The mechanic evidently moved the alignment and we suffered through that for the trip down. The mechanic we found in Key West took about two hours to do the work. We ran Fleetwing in idle in the slip and it seemed to be okay. We will take it out for a sail later this week or next to give it a good test. I'm used to a smooth engine and prop shaft. Hopefully, it's back to the way it was.

Well, I hate to pass up a bargain. Everything in the store is only $5, including the tee shirts.
They are of good quality, just last year's designs but fine for me.
It's been warm here, in the 80s, more so than in years past in February. It's still not too hot since we always have a good breeze in the cockpit. We aren't doing too much yet, still just taking it easy, after all, it's Key West speed now.