Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Key West - Friends from the frozen northland

A fixture on our afternoon walks. The goldfish is right at the bottom (away from fishing cats)!
We are starting our afternoon walks in the shade earlier than usual. Our saying was, "Walk in the sun in February but walk in the shade in March". We seem to be getting the warmer weather of March earlier than usual. Nevertheless, Key West has never had a frost so it's a tropical climate.

Flowers, complete with a bee
The bathtub fish tank is still there, just like the last 10 years. Some things never seem to change. Last year they had screening over the top to prevent "fishing" by the local cats but it was gone this year. The lone goldfish was at the very bottom of the tank, on purpose? The flowers are coming out too and even the bees as you can see in the photo.

Bill Spencer and Bill Washburn. They don't look frozen but then they've been at Schooner Wharf for an hour.
We had two visitors today from the Poughkeepsie YC so we will explore Key West restaurants with them. We hope to get a sail in this next week so we can test the engine shaft alignment done yesterday but that depends on the wind, it's been blowing 20 kts or more most days. I would like a 10 to 15 kt day to take the boat out.