Friday, February 28, 2020

Key West - Winn Dixie and recovery

Free and frequent, is the motto
We were running out of supplies so it was time for a trip to Winn Dixie. We had a choice between Winn Dixie or Publix and we've found that Winn Dixie has much lower prices and the merchandise was just as good. The second advantage is that Winn Dixie can be reached at the first stop, spend 45 minutes shopping, and then catch the return bus back home. You can't do that with Publix, it's too far. Plus, their prices are higher too.

The flowers continue in bloom!
The bus fare for seniors is only $0.50 each way which makes it much more cost-effective than renting a car from Enterprise. It costs as much to park a car overnight as it does to rent the car in the first place. Key West is not user-friendly for parking.

This car has been here as long as we've been coming to Key West - at least 10 years
If you just want to explore downtown Key West, then the best approach is to use the Duval free shuttle. We use it all the time to reach the Green Parrot bar and listen to jazz on Sunday afternoons.  We used it last hight to reach the restaurant at the south end of Key West. It's heated on cool days and air-conditioned on hot days, a great addition to Key West transportation.