Sunday, February 2, 2020

Key West - Dog Park Day

"Honey, I shrunk Rowan!"
Today was D0nUt Sunday! I had a scone and a sticky bun. It wasn't raining like a nuclear reactor(To simplify, it wasn't raining hard), so that's good. my crisals havent grown yet, but it does take a few days. Let's see... I watched The Secret Life Of Pets 2, we took Hoolie to the dog park, and I started making a zoo(Because Nana challenged me 2.) In Minecraft. That was, wow, really all that happened today. I surprised myself. Hm. Well bye, I guess.
Chase that ball!
"Rowan, don't you know how to spell 'Crystal'?
Sure, it's c r y s t a l.
Well why did you spell it crisals?
I thought it was funny.
How about 'dont"? There's supposed to be an apostrophe between the 'n' and the 't'.
Sure, I knew that.

What are they looking at?
Such are conversations with a 10-year-old. We had wanted to see Nancy Forrester's Secret Garden but no one answered when we called so I walked over and found out that it was too cold for the parrots! Maybe it will be warm enough on Monday. I had not realized that parrots needed such warm weather. It only got to the middle 60s today, too cold!

We took Hoolie over to the dog park and he had a good run. He chased balls, ran the perimeter to look for anything new, just being a dog with more room then he's used to having. It's due to reach the low 70s on Monday so we will explore more then.