Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Key West - We sail!

The chief sailor - Rowan's mom, my daughter Caroline
We really got to sail! But there was a buncha stuff before. Let's see... In the morning, we went to the Cuban coffee queen, And let me tell you, their Cuban bread is THE BEST. I highly recommend it. Hmm... we went to a local Winn Dixie pharmacy to get groceries, and after, we set sail! Really! A couple of times we had to change the direction of the sail. That reminded me of that one scene from the movie "The Polar Express," when the polar express is on the ice and the conductor keeps shouting, "LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT!" Each time we did that, the boat would lean port or starboard. Well, I just had my wine, or, well, grape juice, and am down bellow in the main cabin, In a fair amount of heat. Or humidity. I really don't know. Valentine's day is coming up at my school, and we have to make a box to hold our valentines. Second grade, I made a box with a bunch of cool gadgets. Third, I did designs with a UV pen. Fourth grade, where I am now, I'm thinking on one that can move. Well, that's really all we did today. Bye! 

Finn, "I could do this for a living!"
Everybody crashed early last night but we still expected a late rising from our crew but they were up at their usual work time - the force of habit is hard to break. We put together a supermarket shopping crew and got a gargantuan amount of groceries, we hadn't been for a while.

With the big powerboat gone, we can see the sunset from Fleetwing
The attraction of the day was going out for a sail. We are tied to the dock with a spiderweb of lines so it took some planning to prepare our leaving. We wanted to make sure Style and Grace was with us so we counted lines carefully (so as to not leave one still tied when trying to leave, we've done that before!) and everyone rehearsed their roles in removing the lines at just the right time as Ann backed Fleetwing out of the slip. 

What better way to end the day than with
a great ice cream cone
The weather could not have been better with 10 to 15 kts of wind without any gusts and temperatures around 80. Finn was heard to remark, "I could do this for a living!" After a couple of hours of sailing, we returned and did pretty good in getting back without drama. Everybody is wiped out now and we'll see what tomorrow brings.