Saturday, October 31, 2020

Titusville - We provision using Instacart and order a bunch of stuff over Amazon


Florida is in bloom!

So, while in bed this morning, I got out my iPad and we ordered groceries. Publix has a contract with Instcart which shows everything in the store with a price attached and you just click on how many you want of each item. Now, you do pay more per item compared to the in-store price but then we didn't have to rent a car so we came out ahead, easily. Our experience today was much better than last time. We had our groceries delivered to Titusville Marina by 10:30 am and they got everything right. The shopper came wearing a mask and washed his hands before handling the groceries. 

We have blue flowers too!

I got a cart and with a short trip to Fleetwing down the dock, we were provisioned for the next week. Hopefully, we will have our car by the end of next week so we can do the shopping ourselves (during non-busy hours). 

There are no cases of COVID-19 in the marina. We are all outdoors with the wind providing great circulation and we're staying healthy. We have Amazon for items we normally would have bought at Walmart (where we do not plan on going) so we're all set for the long haul. 

The weather is in the low 80s, the wind is light, what's not to like? I could get used to this.