Sunday, October 11, 2020

Home Smith - at a dock with rain and wind


He was fishing just like everyone else, why not?

The day progressed as expected, lots of rain and wind. It was not a good day for traveling so we are waiting out the weather. Hopefully, everything will clear out Monday and we can leave Tuesday to Swansboro and points south. With winds of 20+ kts, it would have been a wild ride going south. 

I couldn't get down during the summer so I had the yard wax the boat
but they used liquid wax, not the paste wax I usually use. It doesn't hold up
and I can already see tannin stains, and the waxing wasn't cheap! Two coats of paste wax = no stains

Monday will be our provisioning day and we plan on using Instacart and get groceries from Publix in the morning. We will need to do a wash, take on water, ice, etc. for our next leg. If the weather cooperates, we'll reach Georgetown by next Saturday. 

With all the wind and rain, there was not much activity at the marina, which suits us fine. There are several boats from Southport on the docks and we're guessing that it's overflow from Southport being hit by the tornado and destroyed. With that, Homer Smith is full so call ahead if you want a slip. As said yesterday, all the regulars on the docks were tested for COVID-19 and passed after Tony came down with the virus. 


M/V Beverly S said...

Hi Bob, As always, thanks for all the work you do to make travel on the ICW so easy. Glad your trip is going well this year. We'll be following in your wake shortly. How are the little green bugs this year?

Bob423 said...

The fuzzy bills were out when we docked at Alligator River Marina. They didn’t stain the boat green this time but I spent most of the afternoon today getting their carcasses off the decks.

Unknown said...

Hi Bob and Ann
We as you were covered in fuzzy bills
Iur fiberglass is not in great shape and the green staining is terrible
Any suggestions to get the green off?
Thank you
Carolyn Cross

Bob423 said...

The only thing I’ve found to remove the green stains is bleach. I wash down most of the mess with a boat soap but it doesn’t touch the stains, bleach does.