Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Swansboro - at Caspers Marina at a fixed dock


Coming towards me, he appeared to take up the entire width of the channel! 
There was more room than I thought.

We got through the shallows by Spooner Creek without a problem at low tide with the lowest reading being 7.5 MLLW on the Bob423 Long Track line. There was plenty of water with less depth alongside the track but as long as you paid attention and strictly followed the track, you were fine. 

That step is much bigger than it looks, 4 ft gap at least and a 3 ft step down. 

Caspers Marina had their docks replaced to current specs which required 5 ft wide docks and massive pilings. We took a face dock and at low tide, had a pretty good step down to the dock. At high tide, there was a 4 ft wide step to even reach the dock and a three foot step down. Hoolie could not get off the boat, the gap was too wide even for his leap. I reached back and pulled the boat as close as I could and jumped off, I still had the 3 foot drop to contend with as well as the gap.

Hoolie did his thing but coming back to the boat, Hoolie once again could not reach the deck. Ann passed down the 3 ft high step we carried and I picked up Hoolie in one arm, balanced on the top step and swung Hoolie over to Ann on Fleetwing. Carefully maintaining my balance as the dark waters rushed by below, I stepped across the 4 foot gap. We won't be coming back here anytime soon, it's too dangerous a dockage. It was impossible for Ann to get off the boat. The town has floating docks closer in that we may try next time. 

 Our adventures tomorrow include Browns Inlet and New River Inlet, both are fun passages if we can hit them at low tide, they are no challenge at mid or high tide. We plan on winding up at Habour Village for the night, then it's on to St James Plantation Marina on Thursday night. 


MikeS said...

We stopped at Caspers several times, and again last fall on our way south. We always enjoyed that they are a small, family run marina. When they built the new docks they installed a "DIY" power system with hanging power cords. We had significant transient voltage issues with the 50 amp connections and won't be back either.

Bob423 said...

Mike, I don’t know what they were thinking. A new code required 5 ft wide docks so they had to replace the pilings too. So far, so good, but the dock ended on the inside next to the pilings. Add the width of the piling and a fender for the boat, you’re talking a good 3 ft. Add in the vertical drop, even at near high tide and you have to negotiate a 4 ft gap. To add further excitement, the current was rushing by at several knots, one slip and you disappear. Ann was marooned on Fleetwing. Hoolie could leap off but could not handle the 4 ft leap up and across, it was intimidating, especially for Hoolie's evening walk.

We won’t be back.