Wednesday, October 28, 2020

St Augustine - Half Empty

Want a slip, lots of choices

 I would estimate that about half the docks are empty. We've been down here in the past when you had to call days ahead to get a slip but that's not the case now. That follows from us being the only boat on the free docks in Jacksonville. 

We took a walk towards town but cut it short, very few people were wearing masks, maybe about 1/4 of the ones we saw. There was even one store that had a sign posted that masks were not required, with the word "not" underlined! The shop next door did require masks. 

Nobody for golf? Usually, it's full of people.

Nevertheless, it was a great day with temps in the low 80s but we're due for a weather change on Friday. We'll have one more day of warm weather for our anchorage at Daytona on Thursday before arriving in Titusville on Friday.