Saturday, October 3, 2020

Dozier's Marina - time for three new 4D batteries

Here's the owner of Walden's Marina - ready to help

 Every few years  I replace my three 4D batteries. I just use flooded batteries, I don't trust my charging set up enough to use gel batteries. The problem is the weight, about 120 lbs each! I can't handle that weight by myself so I have to enlist a helper to remove and replace the batteries. I bought them locally for $240 each, not a bad price and it came with a strong back to help load and unload them. 

We don't use a pool, the showers, the heads, a clubhouse, so this would be fine for us.

I also learned of a marina that had a much better price than Dozier's. It was just across the channel, Walden's Marina at $1.00/ft per day or $3.50/ft for a week. The docks are fixed but they looked fine. They are eager to help and it's where I bought my three 4D batteries. As you might have guessed, I spent the day with batteries. Fleetwing is now ready to go south. I still have to do the teak, wash down the decks, clean the glass in the enclosure, and put the genset back together. I have the gasket I need and the antifreeze, I just have to find the time. There's a lot of stuff to do in cruising on a boat. 

On Sunday, it's off to provision for the rest of the trip at the local supermarket - which, by the way - had full shelves of paper towels and toilet paper - a full selection of all the major brands. It's still a little scarce back home. 


kashifkhatri said...

Deckadence is the best marine flooring covering I've ever seen. I ordered it in my last boat and plan to use it in the one I just ordered as well.