Sunday, October 18, 2020

Awendaw - at anchor


One of three dredges working the area

We left with a foul tide but it wasn’t far to Minim Creek and that’s when we ran into dredges. There were three working in the area but that’s good news! They were finishing up and the entire stretch had been dredged to 12 to 14 MLLW! No longer did you have to worry about staying right in the middle and staying off all marks, it was a wonderful passage.

This guy was right at the entrance to the creek, I had 
no problem going around at high tide but at low tide, another story!

McClellanville was dredged earlier this year but they had left a short section just outside the town that for some reason was not dredged. Well, they came back in the fall and dredged that section too. I can remember scraping the bottom at low tide but that’s a thing of the past, at least for a few years until it shoals in again.

We are now anchored in Awendaw which is one of our favorite anchorages. There’s tons of room and a place to take Hoolie ashore, even at high tide. There’s only one other boat anchored nearby which support the observation that there are fewer boats going south this year.

We will bypass Charleston and take a dock at St Johns Yacht Harbor for two nights. We need to provision and do laundry and the marina has excellent laundry facilities. Then it’s on to Lady’s Island Marina on Wednesday and Windmill Harbour on Thursday. We are moving right along.


Mark Rinkel said...

Bob - We anchored at Awendaw when we headed north in the spring and found it great! However, I don't recall a place to take the dogs ashore. Where can we find a good landing?

BTW - Thanks for posting your tracks! We will be heading south in a couple of weeks and appreciate following your path.


Brian Snarzyk said...

Hello, Bob. Following up on our message exchange of a few days ago, I downloaded the "B423 Norfolk to Southport 101520" track from the Bob423 Long Tracks tab, and then I imported the GPX file. You had noted there are some important variations on this track compared to last spring.

I am checking back with you to be sure this file is the most current with the correct tracks.

The date on the GPX file shows 10/19/20 at 11:19 am. But in the route detail, the start end end times show 8:29 am to 3:39 pm on 06/06/20. Also, the starting point is from Bluewater Yacht in Hampton, where you have previously stopped, instead of Norfolk Yacht Club where you stayed on this southbound trip on 6 Oct.

Is it possible the uploaded tracks got mixed up and the 10/15/20 file does not show your most recent tracks?

Also, do you have the tracks crossing Lockwoods Folly and Shallotte available yet? Those notoriously difficult areas are of great interest to me on the morning when leaving Southport to continue southward.

Thank you for all the assistance and observations along the way, Bob. It is greatly appreciated by so many of us.


Bob423 said...

Brian, send me your email address to and I’ll send you an advance copy of the Lockwoods Folly etc. track.