Thursday, October 15, 2020

St James Plantation Marina - at a dock


We played dodgeball with this guy down the Cape Fear River

From Harbour Village, it was only 42 NM to St James Marina, not a bad run. Once again the weather was wonderful with temperatures in the 70s and light winds. We had the good fortune of hitting all the shallow spots at a drain tide, 0.2 feet less than MLLW. Even with the drain tide, the shallowest spot I saw was 7.3 ft which would translate to 7.5 MLLW. However, there were lots of opportunities to find less water which the Bob423 Long Tracks avoided. 

The Southport tornado passed right over the top of the Provision Company,
a restaurant we ate in one year - looks okay to me

We had the McCays over for wine in our cockpit with everything open for good ventilation. They were the couple that took us in, dog and all, when Hurricane Matthew hit the area and we had nowhere to go but our boat. We spent the night in their condo as the eye of the hurricane passed over us. It was great fun catching up.

The Southport Marina is still barren

On Friday we will be passing through some of the more notorious trouble spots such as Lockwoods Folly and Shallotte. I'll take good notes and post what I encounter as we continue heading south.