Friday, October 30, 2020

Titusville - We finally arrive, at our dock


Titusville is not completely full but it's getting close

It was a great trip for our final day. The anchor came up rather muddy but came up it did. The anchorage at Bethune Park has good holding and when you pull the anchor up you will know why - thick mud. I have a washdown pump at the bow and I made good use of it this morning. 

All tied up, massive docks here

The trip to Titusville held no surprises as far as depths are concerned, the B423 track was good. The minimum I saw was 7.2 MLLW briefly by Ponce de Leon inlet. We left Bethune Park with the tide behind us and held the favorable current all the way to Titusville, a nice ride. 

Ann did a great job docking Fleetwing while I worked the lines on deck. Although there's no current, there's wind and the docks are no forgiving since they are fixed. Nevertheless, Ann brought Fleetwing in without touching. 

We are relieved to be at our home for the winter. It won't be as warm as Key West but the virus is raging down there. At Titusville, we'll have our car to explore the area and many parks for hiking along with the beach, we'll make do. It sure beats the temperatures up north! Sometime next week, we're due to get our car shipped down which will give us another level of freedom, we're looking forward to it.