Friday, October 23, 2020

Kilkenny Marina - at a dock


The famous Causton Bluff Bridge - with the inoperable leaf down
It has claimed at least three sailboats so far - dismasted

We had a short run today to Kilkenny Marina on the south side of Savannah. On the way, we went through Hell Gate which is no longer a problem since it's been dredged. However, it is beginning to shoal in again with depths to 7 MLLW when the original dredged depth for 12 MLLW. Still, it's a pleasure not having to worry about getting through at low tide. 

I remain fascinated with the Live Oaks - we don't have them up north

The other cuts were easy, no changes from the spring. The Causton Bluff bridge was on demand but you had to be careful about that leaf that does not open. When going south, it's easy to see the leaf that is still down but when going north, it's not so easy since there's a sharp turn to starboard to get through - which can swing you into that down leaf. There's a bit of sideways current that adds to the excitement. We made it through without a problem. 

As I said, the docks look homemade but sturdy enough

Kilkenny is the same as ever. It's really just a facedock and fuel. They technically do have restrooms and a shower but I wouldn't use them. If you have three boats or more using air conditioning, the voltage drops to a little over 100v. As soon as evening comes and everyone turns off their A/C, then the voltage is back to 120v. The docks are homemade but seem sturdy enough. For us, it's a convenient stop along the way to the Crescent River anchorage, our next stop, which is staged for Mud River. 


Infinite Improbability said...

24 Oct 20. Little Mud River at 1hr before low and near zero visibility... not the smartest thing we've ever done. 7ft lowest seen.