Friday, October 2, 2020

Dozier's Regatta Point Yachting Center - at a dock

Getting ready to fly

We were first in line for launch today so we showed up bright and early. Stingray managed to get the keel sanded, rust prevention applied, barrier coat, and bottom paint done last night so everything was a go today. After about 20 trips from the car to the boat for offloading stuff, it was time to start the engine - but not a sound from below - hummm. The first instinct (for a man) is to try the key yourself even though Ann perfectly well knows how to turn the ignition key as she's done it hundreds of times. Naturally, the laws of physics didn't suddenly change for me - Fleetwing still refused to even turn over. It sure sounded like a dead battery. I went below and switched on the jumper for the house batteries and tried again and was rewarded with the sweet sound of a starting diesel. 

Fleetwing airborne again

After that bit of fun, we started off for Dozier's, just around the corner. Our to-do list is a mile long so we plan on staying here for at least four days. I've got to replace three 4D batteries, replace the head shower pump, wash down the deck from all the sandblasting grit, do teak, and the list goes on. Isn't boating fun. 

Here's the clubhouse, nobody wore  masks

As far as COVID-19 is concerned, the two marinas I've been in, Stingray Point and Dozier's, don't pay attention to wearing masks, almost nobody (except us) wear masks. However, if you go into town to the local hardware store or the supermarket, you cannot get in unless you wear a mask. The hardware store requires all incoming customers to disinfect their hands before entering, they provide a table with two automatic hand sanitizers that all customers are required to use. We plan on social distancing all the way to Titusville which is fine with us. Normally, we would enjoy downtown Charleston but not this time. Maybe next year. 


Marty said...

Bob I was wondering what the isssue ended up being with your generator? The volatge and the cooling?

Bob423 said...

Marty, the problem was a clogged heat exchanger but it’s still disassembled waiting for a gasket ($1200 later)

Marty said...

Bob sorry to hear that. When you get it back togather please let us know why the voltage wasn't 120 volts I think you said you were getting 113 volts which made no sense?

Anonymous said...

Wish you well on your trip. Too bad we don't live close enough to ICW any more to meet up with you. We miss you guys.

Lee and Emma Rose