Saturday, October 24, 2020

Crescent River - at anchor


Every shrimp boat has its admirers

Except for one day of rain, the weather has been phenomenal. It was another great traveling day and we made it from Kilkenny to Crescent River., another of our favorite anchorages. There's plenty of room, no wave action, and a place to take Hoolie with a sandy beach even at high tide. There is only one other boat here so it's practically empty. 

Hoolie always likes a sandy beach

The river here has a number of shrimp boats that use the passage and when they go by, they carry along a huge contingent of "passengers". I guess everybody's out for a free lunch if possible. I wonder how much shrimp winds up in the bellies of the passengers?

Hoolie's beach from afar

We are headed for Mud River and Jekyll Island on Sunday with a little bit of tide in both places, about 1 to 2 feet, enough, I'll report back on what I see the next day. At this rate, we'll reach Titusville before our reservation date so we'll see if we can arrive early or we'll spend the time at the Bethune anchorage in Daytona. We should reach the Jacksonville free docks on Monday afternoon if our present progress holds up. 


Anonymous said...

Look forward to catching up with you at Sisters Creek.

sv Vixen
Jax Fl