Friday, October 16, 2020

Osprey Marina - at a dock


Greg Norman's steak house, it used to be our favorite place to eat on the ICW
before they got rid of overnight dockage

We had two shallow areas today, Loockwoods Folly (at 4.5 MLLW) and Shallotte (6.4 MLLW). Both have less water than I expected. They both will have to be dredged over the summer to keep them open. On the downside, we had a foul tide against us all the way to Osprey Marina. Our speed dropped down to 4.5 to 6.0 kts all the way! 

The worst use of taxpayers' dollars - a high bridge to replace the old swing bridge
but wait, let's keep the old bridge too!! Who thought this was a good idea?

On the trip through the Rock Pile, we met our first barge, although it was a very small one. We passed without incident. Barefoot Landing used to be one of our favorite stops until they did away with the marina there. They put in small boat docks at right angles to the current hoping for a lot of day traffic I suppose. It's never been busy anytime that we've been through. We did notice a new sign this time of an offer of free dockage which I'm not sure is overnight or not - see the sign in the photo. 

Photo by the side of the ICW - how would you like this for a day job?

We eventually made it to Osprey Marina even with the foul tide by 4:30 pm, a long day for us. At least we have electricity (some docks do not) and good WiFi. We will head out for Georgetown on Saturday and see what the fish market has for our dinner. 


Brian Snarzyk said...

Bob, at what point in your journey will you post the next “long track” to include Lockwoods Folly and Shallotte? From your note on yesterday’s trip across those inlets, it sounds like It will be particularly challenging with less than expected water depth. I did see your first long track from Norfolk to Southport. So thank you very much for posting that one.

Devastating to see the much loved Southport Marina with no docks. I was trading notes and speaking with our good friend, Hank Pomeranz, in the days before the storm. I hope they are able to rebuild quickly and come back better than before, though the losses looked awful.

Thank you again for all of your insights and updates along the way.