Saturday, October 17, 2020

Georgetown - at a dock

We had the docks all to ourselves after the big guy left (he was taking on fuel)

 It was another glorious day for traveling south. We arrived in Georgetown by 12:30, refueled, did a pump out, and docked. We expected the docks to be full but we were the only ones at the Harborwalk marina on the face dock. They did charge $10 for a pump-out which I thought was more than they should but we had a pump-out anyway. 

A great display of seafood and a typical layout down south
All the fish was individually packaged in clear warp due to the virus concerns

The first stop was mandatory - had to get seafood at the Independent Seafood Company. As is the custom down south, the fish is laid out on ice, not in refrigerated cabinets. I guess they have so much ice for the shrimp boats that a little more in the store makes little difference. 

Part of the fleet located in Georgetown - you know it's fresh

I found some good looking grouper and bought a pound for Ann to prepare. Needless to say, it was excellent. We always stop off at the seafood market here for whatever looks fresh, it has never been anything less than outstanding. 

We are headed for the Awendaw anchorage for Sunday night. I spent the day ensuring the outboard motor worked (it did) and starting up the genset to check for leaks (no leaks!) so we're all set for anchoring out. From here south, we will be anchoring out as much as being in a marina. The anchorages are convenient and it fits in with our social distancing strategy.