Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Norfolk Yacht Club - at a dock


There are always ships in for repairs and refurbishing in Norfolk

We decided to continue onward to Norfolk instead of stopping off in Hampton. It's not much farther since it cuts out the U-turn northward into Hampton. It makes the run to Coinjock doable in one day. The Chesapeake was flat, with no wind and full sun, a nice day to travel. 

Nice Yacht Club!

We researched some of the marinas and decided on the Norfolk YC which offers dockage to other members of yacht clubs. We refueled and have a dock for the night. The club here is the first dockage where everyone wears a mask, unlike Deltaville marinas. I think that the closer one is to a city, the more vigilant they are about wearing a mask. Out in the boonies, no one seems to care. It will be interesting to see what Coinjock is like, we will be there on Wednesday. 

Notice the social distancing - spaced out backpacks

The weather has settled down but a hurricane is brewing in the Gulf and we need to get farther south before it closes down travel for a few days. We are hoping the Homer Smith will be open by the time we get to Beaufort. 


Marty said...

I am sure this info is readily available but can you send your transponder info so we can track you when you’re under way as you move south? Thank you

Nile said...

You can follow Fleetwing on MarineTraffic.com from Bob’s AIS transponder

Marty said...

Thank You

Bob423 said...

The tracking link is in the column at left on the blog site, one link for last 24 hrs and one link for last 7 days.