Saturday, October 10, 2020

Homer Smith Marina - at a dock


Thanks to Carolyn Cross for a photo of Fleetwing leaving Alligator River Marina

The winds were perfect for a passage on the Neuse River, less than 5 kts all the way. It was the smoothest ride we've ever had on such a potential trouble spot. We did not encounter any debris on Adams Creek and arrived at Homer Smith around 2:30. There were about a half dozen boats anchored nearby between Homer Smith and the new 65 ft bridge. I heard that Homer Smith was full. 

RE Mayo ships seafood out in 53 ft 18 wheelers! (refrigerated)

When Tony tested came down with COVID-19, all the regulars in the marina were tested and they all passed. He caught the virus from a church function, not at the marina. His son tested negative as did all the dockhands. However, this being a holiday weekend, there were lots of locals coming for fishing trips and for just visiting those in the marina. With that, we are still being very careful. We do not intend going out to eat and we will have all groceries delivered. 

We plan on being here through Monday night due not only to the crowded waterways from the holidays but also due to rain predicted for much of the weekend. After that, we'll continue our march south. 


Changes in L'Attitudes said...

Glad to see you're moving right along and staying safe. Like you two, we tend to leave the waterways to the weekend warriors during armatures hour. Even after a few days underway there is always 'admin' and those pesky little boat projects to catch up on.