Thursday, October 29, 2020

Bethune Anchorage in Daytona - at anchor


The docks are very nice - but cleats only on the outside?

e left St Augustine with tide behind us and we had it almost all the way to Daytona. It boosted our normal 7.3 kts to 8.0 kts so we arrived at our anchorage around 2:00 pm. Navionics SonarChart for the anchorage is totally incorrect. It shows a 4 ft spot where there's actually 8 ft at low tide. We've been here many times so we know the way in, it's described in the Waterway Guide anchorage icon for the area and also in my Guide. We're anchored in 10 ft with good protection from the west, where the wind is today. 

There's a sailing club on shore and tonight was sailing school. 
All the participants wore masks. 
The anchorage had a nice dinghy dock but it was damaged during one of the hurricanes. It took two years but the dock has finally been rebuilt. It appears to be much more sturdy than the last one. However, they only put cleats on the outside of the docks! For a dinghy, it's nice to tie up on the inside where it's more protected from wave action. I guess they were trying to save money? Still, it's a nice dock and you don't have to get your feet wet from landing on the sandy beach. 

It hit 93 today and it's still 84 at 7:30 tonight! Florida is hotter this year than what I remember from our previous cruises south. It's supposed to cool off to the 70's for the next few days but then we'll be in Titusville by Friday. We look forward to settling in our slip for the next few months.