Sunday, October 25, 2020

Jekyll Creek - at anchor


One other boat with us at Crescent River anchorage

The day did not start out well. We had a heavy rainstorm, complete with thunder in the early hours and when that finally passed, I jammed the anchor chain in the windlass when pulling it up. The anchor was up but it was locked tight and couldn't be moved. The tide was falling at Mud River so I let it be and headed out. We were greeted with a rainbow as we turned to the ICW. 

View to the ICW at Crescent River anchorage

Our first challenge was Mud River with a 2 ft tide but it turned out not to be a problem - but I needed that 2 ft! I only found 3.9 MLLW at the southern exit! Only the last couple hundred feet were a problem, the rest of the cut was 8 to 9 MLLW. 

Always nice to start the day with a rainbow! (a double?)

After that excitement, it was on to Jekyll Creek but first we had another gift from the skies that lasted about 1/2 hour. I hadn't used my radar in over a year but I needed it today when the visibility was reduced to less than several hundred feet. It wasn't as bad as Maine where you could not see the bow at times but it was a shock here on the ICW. At least I now know my radar is still working! 

Our neighbor for the night

We arrived at Jekyll Creek with a 2.5 ft tide and it wasn't a problem. Corrected for tide, we saw a minimum of 6.3 MLLW provided you followed the Bob423 Long Track for the area. It's very narrow since they only dredged a channel 75 feet wide. 

We are now anchored across from the Jekyll Marina with one other boat. There's a public boat ramp across the channel I use for Hoolie relief, very convenient. I put an anchor icon down in Waterway Guide Alerts for the exact best spot for anchoring and I've yet to come here but where there's been a boat already at that spot! Still, there's plenty of room for 2 to 4 boats if you know where the shallow spots are at. 

We're headed for the Jacksonville free dock on Monday for one night, hopefully there's room for us.