Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Coinjock - at their facedock - a takeout rib dinner


Mile Marker 00

We officially started out ICW trip south today when we passed mile marker 0 by Hospital Point. We were delayed by two of the railroad bridges being down along with another long wait for the lock to open and further delays for the two swing bridges farther south. We eventually reach Coinjock at 4:00 PM. 

The outdoor tent at Coinjock Restaurant
I heard that outdoor propane patio heaters are in very short supply

The first order of business was to order two rib dinners for takeout back to Fleetwing. We do enjoy the rib dinners, very nice. I then went to the main office which had a sign on both doors that masks were required but when I entered, I found that I was the only one wearing a mask. Nevertheless, I paid up (wearing a mask) and returned to Fleetwing with the dinner order in hand. 

The reward for a very long day - 16 oz prime rib dinner at Coinjock

The Coinjock restaurant had a tent set up outside with about a dozen tables and on a warm evening like this, it would have been nice but we wanted to be extra careful. When I went to pick up our takeout order, about 2/3 of the waitresses wore masks, not all.

We plan on reaching Alligator River Marina on Thursday and from there we will plan the rest of our trip to Beaufort, NC. The hurricane coming up the Gulf is expected to bring rain to the region later in the week and we intend on missing that excitement with a dock at Homer Smith Marina in Beaufort, NC.


Bob Norton, Jr. said...

Who enjoys dinner at Coinjock more, you, Ann or Hoolie? Great pic!

Bob423 said...

Hoolie!! But Ann loves it too.