Sunday, October 4, 2020

Still getting ready to head south


Our aft floodlight comes in handy taking Hoolie 
ashore at night in a dark anchorage

There's more to getting a boat ready to cruise than you might expect. There seems to be a million projects that need to be done - but they never all get done. You would think that they are prioritized as to the importance to cruising but the easiest ones are usually done first. I needed to get the genset back together but the boat also needed a good washdown, neither project ranked among my favorite things to do. So I took the easier of the two, a boat cleaning. On Monday, I've got to attend to the genset. It's getting down to the high 50s at night, kind of chilly and heat in the morning is a great luxury - with us a necessity! In a marina, that's not a problem but at anchor or a free dock, a genset makes all the difference. 

It's rather cold this time of the year from my memory of previous cruises south. Where's global warming when you want it? We still plan on heading out Tuesday morning which gives me one more day of boat work (yeah...). The disparity between the marinas and in town continued today. I provisioned at the local supermarket and masks were mandatory - everyone complied - but not at the marina - although I always wore mine. 

We are next to a huge covered boat area. It's a nice idea but you hope there's never a boat fire, the 
enclosure and all would add to the flames.

I'll drop off the car at Stingray Point Boat Works for the month of October where it will be picked up and shipped to Titusville in November. It will be the first time we've tried this service, we'll see how it goes. It's somewhat cheaper than renting a car both ways and we would have a car for our stay in Titusville.