Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Lady's Island Marina in Beaufort, SC - at a dock


Photo courtesy of Geoff & Jenni McClure - at Awendaw Anchorage

The forecast said a chance of showers around noon but clear the rest of the day. The "chance of showers" turned out to be a solid five hours of heavy rain! So as I negotiated my why through Watts Cut and Ashpoo-Coosaw Cutoff, I had the added entertainment of heavy rain and poor visibility, such fun. I had review weather apps awhile back but only as they predicted wind, not rain. I think a new round of evaluation is due. 

Just to make matters more interesting, as I pulled up to Lady's Island Marina - I got no answer on either Channel 16 or their phone number. See nowhere else to go, we pulled into a fack dock with the ominous warning posted of "Dock closed, no tie-ups, no letting people off". We pulled in any way given the heavy rain at the time. 

In going to the office, they had no record of the reservation I made last Sunday afternoon (the call was listed on my phone). The lady in the ship store was kind enough to make calls to the marina owner and eventually, someone appeared to sign us in. As it turned out, the owner was on duty Sunday and he took the call but forgot to log it in so they had no record of my reservation.

After that unpleasant experience, the owner came by to apologize and said he was taken ill that day with a temperature of 102 but was okay now. Moving along, we will be leaving Thursday morning for Windmill Harbour for a day. At this rate, we'll reach Titusville before our scheduled arrival date of Nov 1.  


Marty said...

Not good! Thank you for the info

Infinite Improbability said...

Saw you at the dock. We anchored further up the creek. Left for the 0900 bridge opening. Ended up in the Herb River. Crescent River next.