Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dayton - at anchor

Crew coiling line after leaving the dock on Halloween
Happy Halloween, ah wait let me start that again. Today I woke up and put my tiny little costume on, a orange tiny witch hat on a head band, Halloween t-shirt, and black sparkly tutu. We went under  a couple bridges and a lot of boats past us, there was ten tiny speed boats and a couple big ones. I read Calvin & Hobbles and played on my tablet, some people went by and liked my costume and gave it a thumbs up. I also got Nana a ball mask, I got to go at the helm for a ways too. Then we got to are anchorage, I pulled in the dink and then we were settled. After that Grandpa and I went  to go bring Hoolie to shore, I helped get the dink ready. It is a nice little park and it sounds like some people are having a party next door. We are going to have a some popcorn and watch a movie tonight, well Happy Halloween. Sarah

Strange crew steered the boat too
We found an anchorage about 45 miles south of St Augustine with a lot of room and a nearby dinghy dock at a park. The travel weather was ideal with temps at 80 and full sunshine, couldn't be better, Florida is great! It's Halloween so Sarah came out today with her Halloween costume on which she wore all day. She had a mask for Ann and an eyepatch for me.So we celebrated Halloween in costume although she did not get a chance to Trick or Treat, not many places to do that when at anchor. 

We love the easy access to a dinghy dock at Bethune Point Park in Daytona
We went through the shallows at Ft Matanzas and found good water except by G81D where you had to favor the red side for 7 ft MLW. Otherwise, there were no problems. We're headed for Titusville Marina on Sunday where Fleetwing will reside for the next two months as we head north for the holidays before returning in January to continue south to Key West.