Sunday, October 4, 2015

Hampton - at a dock - the winds continue

Higher water than yesterday
This morning  we are still here in Hampton and I woke up with a stuffy nose. Then I realized that today is Sunday, and every Sunday we have donuts for breakfast. I love donuts, I had a glazed chocolate and a powder jelly. It was great to start off the morning with donuts. Today the rain is at a mist and it is super windy. I did some drawing and made a portrait of Hoolie. Then we went to Barnes & Noble I got a big sketch book to write some comics in. I made up a comic called Fluffy & Fli. Fluffy is a dog and Fli is a fly. They are buddies and Fluffy is a weird dog. So I got a nice big book to do it in, and Nana went to get some magazines. Then we went back to the boat, It was so windy. After that I wrote in my comic and did the boxes with a ruler. Then we watched a movie called Captain Ron, it was a great movie I've seen it about five times now. Now we are going to have sweet and sour chicken for dinner, yum my favorite bye.

The winds continue at 25 to 35 kts, all day long. There's just no letup in the winds. They are supposed to blow the same on Monday and even early Tuesday. The east winds continue driving water into the bay with high water putting many of the non-floating docks underwater. Luckily, our docks are floating so there's no danger there except for the possibility of the docks floating off the pilings. However, they seem high enough that it will not happen for this storm. Joaquin is far out to sea but we're still getting the winds! 

Not our dock but nearby
I entered a nee Page, "Water Level" under the Pages section of this blog. click on it to see how to access the water level increase due to wind out of the east. It's important to know for going south on the ICW. 

Tuesday still looks good, it all depends. I'll call the Dismal Canal welcome center on Monday to see how the canal survived the hurricane (or not).