Sunday, October 11, 2015

Harbor Village Marina - At a dock

Harbor Village Marina is part of a condo complex, very nice houses
Today was donut day, sorry ok I will try this again. This morning I woke up, got dressed and had breakfast. Ok now donuts I had a white one with frosting, and a French curler, they were really good. Then we were off, I read a tiny bit, and took a nap. It wasn't bad out there I was just tired, before that it was raining, windy too. We went out any ways, and I saw a rainbow. We went under some bridges and speedy boats went by which they were supposed to slow down, but didn't. See there are big power boats that want to go ahead of us, so we slow down they slow down. Then we went back and forth stuff was falling off the table, it's super annoying. Then we came in, we got some diesel. Then the boys walked the boat, like a horse, a little forward and we tied down. I did some knots, pulled in the dink ,and  curled  up the ropes. Man working as a sailor, knots, knots, knots! We walked Hoolie then took a walk down the marina, I saw one  boat that said Key West. The docks are so nice, very smooth you can walk barefoot on it. Well we are having pulled chicken tonight so bye. Sarah

A tree shaped by wind and rain
This morning was not a good start to the day. The rain was coming down and the wind was howling, up to 20 kts, pinning us against the dock. We seriously thought about waiting another day to start south again;. However, I looked at the radar and it seemed that the rains would clear and stay off-shore so we started out in much less than ideal conditions. Luckily for us, the rains stopped and the sun came out for a perfectly beautiful day. We would have felt bad about wasting such a day in a marina. We had planning on only making Swansboro but when we reached there, it was only a little further to Swanspoint Marina where we've stayed before. But when we reached that point, it was only a little further to Harbor Village Marina! So on we went. 

We are starting to see more and more sunsets, about time
We survived Brown's Inlet, an S curve around two buoys and had 7 MLW of depth. Little River inlet was also fine but the depth dropped to 7 MLW at one point, mostly 12 to 14 ft. It seems that nobody is making entries into Active Captain except me after Joaquin! So far we haven't seen any shallows greatly changed after Joaquin, somewhat of a surprise. 

Our goal on Monday is to make St James Plantation, about 41 miles away where we've stayed many times. It's a good distance from Barefoot Landing. The Cape Fear River has an ebb tide all afternoon tomorrow which is ideal for us so we won't stop at Carolina Beach State Park.  Once at Barefoot Landing, we'll spend a few days and relax for awhile and let the high tides catch up with us for the trip to Charleston and further south.