Monday, October 19, 2015

We visit the South Carolina Aquarium - Day two

Welcome to the South Carolina Aquarium
This morning we had breakfast and we went to the aquarium. I was cold so I had my sweatshirt and pants on, so then we headed there. It is a tall building, it had gorgeous views of the ocean, you could see everything. When you enter you saw a big tank full of fish with a little reef. We looked at all the beautiful colors on the fish, one looked neon almost glow in the dark kind of. There were tiny ones and big guys, with all different features. 

A small, free standing aquarium is by the front door
Then we moved up stairs to see a real Bald Eagle, it wasn't blocked by glass just string. It was so cool to see a live one, I have never seen one before. Then just behind me was an alligator baby of course, I got to pet the little thing too. After that we headed into a different room with a bunch of native fish and turtles. The turtles were swimming in the tank, it was cool to see how natural the habits looked. 

Pet and alligator!
Then we saw a white albino alligator it turned to face us and looked so cool and creepy. The person there said they don't survive in the wild because their bright white is easy to see as a baby and eat. Then we saw baby alligators swimming in the tank they were so cute and scary at the same time. After that we went in almost a green house at the top of the building and saw more fish in tanks with waterfalls. 

Pet a ray
Then we saw an otter swimming in the water, I thought it was amazing to see so many real live animals. Also we went inside saw a lot more fish, and a cute little bird on a fence inside. We went outside after that and saw big fish and up close birds and turtles. In a other tank there was sting rays, also a really cute turtle with the smallest little nose. There were a bunch of them in a pile under water, and one by one they came up to get some air. 

A starfish in hand
Back inside we saw little creatures and I held a starfish. After that we saw a sea turtle it was so pretty, I loved it. Also a big tank of lion fish with a eel, there is a jelly fish tank with a rainbow chart and you press a color and the jelly fish almost change color. 

What a great day!
Then the big tank probably two story tall, with almost every fish,  sea turtle, shark, eel, and star fish. Then we went to see lemur that was cool gliding. After that I got a cute stuffed animal, then we went to pet tiny sharks and sting rays. They felt like rubber and wet, then we headed back to the boat, are you keeping up? Then we got some necessities for the boat, and we settled down and eat dinner bye. Sarah

I need to get Sarah her own blog, she had quite a day and she wants to tell everyone all about it. We went to the South Carolina Aquarium which is right next door to the marina. The exhibits are immaculate and very well done. Many of the exhibits have side attractions for kids and there were lots of kids in attendance. You could stand in a replica of an Eagle's nest and crawl through a log with hand puppets covering two holes which the kids then inserted their hands and activated. In another exhibit they crawled into a tunnel that ended in a plexiglass cube inside the exhibit of Lemurs running around the cage. It was all very well done and aimed at both kids and adults. 

A tunnel into the exhibit of live lemurs
There were a lot of touch and feel along the way with stations manned by volunteers who were all enthusiastic about spreading the wonders of the aquarium. It was well worth the visit. We later provisioned at Harris Teeter, one of our favorite markets only about 1/2 mile from the marina. 

We have one more day in Charleston where we plan on a trip to Charleston Museum of Natural History, a trip to downtown to see the Charleston City Market and perhaps a ride in a Charleston Carriage for a trip around town. On Wednesday we're off again for points south.