Saturday, October 17, 2015

Awendaw Creek anchorage - at anchor

Our peaceful anchorage
This morning we had breakfast and we were headed off. I read a lot out of my book, so much I finished it and I think there is a third one too. When we took off I helped with the lines, coiling them, It was cold this morning (editor's note: 65 this morning). I think it is always cold since we head off early, plus with the wind it was freezing. I know from some of my followers up north are probably rolling there eyes since we are in South Carolina. I also draw a little bit, I draw the characters in my book. Then we arrived to our anchor spot, and It is very calm here, we haven't anchored in a while. Then I had a job to sew up the wheel, there is a metal wheel that has fabric sewed on it. One bottom part of the wheel was unsewn. After that I read Calvin & Hobbles, then I walked Hoolie with Grandpa. We get him in the dink which he is eager to go in, then we find a spot on the beach put the dink up close then he goes. Life as a boat dog am telling you! Well we are having burger with this spicy salsa and beans, I can't wait bye. Sarah

Coming through the Isle of Palms you have a choice of either making it in one pass and putting up with shallow water in the morning to get the high water in the afternoon north of the Ben Sawyer bridge or making the trip in two days so you have high water for both legs. This year we chose the two day option due to the timing of the tides and we're now anchored out at Awendar Creek. 

Hoolie's beach is high and dry at mid to low tide, right behind the boat
The trip down was no problem given the high tide passage but I updated Active Captain with MLW inputs. The shallowest water we found was near McCelellanville with a reading of only 4.2 MLW, see Active Captain for details. The rest of the passage was not much different from our spring of 2015 trip to the north. 

Sarah has turned into quite the reader. She finished her second book and gave us a synopsis of the plot this morning. It seems that the current trend in young people's books is to always leave them hanging for the next installment, this book was no different. 

We're in the Awendar anchorage and it's a beautiful night, not much wind and it's perfectly still on the water. There's only one other boat here and we'll probably both leave near 8:00 am to ensure high tide at the shallows north of the Ben Sawyer Bridge. However, the bridge only opens on top of the hour on the weekends. If we had transited during the week, the bridge would have been on demand. We're headed for Charleston on Sunday for two to three days, depending on the weather and how much we want to do. We will certainly see the aquarium and downtown shops at least along with provisioning at Harris Teeter which may consume three days, we'll see.