Thursday, October 15, 2015

Barefoot Landing - last day

This is why you call ahead  before entering the Rock Pile, you don't want to meet him halfway through
This morning I had some cereal for breakfast that was good. Then I read out of my book that is getting shorter, we also did some French and practiced the word we started. I also did algebra that wasn't so hard today, we did some language arts too. I met a cute small puppy that is the dock master's dog, Hoolie went crazy about her. Then we went out for lunch, it is a really big place there. It had a lot of pictures, and paintings. We had those napkins that stood up  on the tables. It was beautiful, big open room with windows that faced the water. I had lemonade in this fancy cup, had about three glasses. Then we walked in some shops. I went in the purple store and it was purple. I was eyeing this stuff animal, but I thought I should spend my money wisely. It was a purple panda that was so soft, then we went  to Nana's pick of stores. We went to Kohl's, and they had a lot of winter stuff ready in stock. We also feed the fish and spot, it was hard to get food to him since he is slow. There were so many big fish this time, I mean huge with the same stripes. Then we looked around more and went back to the boat. Well I was thinking of reading a little more so bye. Sarah

A very happy Sarah with her crab sandwich
We have several boats hanging out here with 62 ft masts waiting for the water to subside for clearance under the Rt 544 bridge. It's supposed to be 65 ft at high tide but it's only 61 ft now. It's plenty for our 55.3 ft mast but for some boats it's close. We'll leave at 8:00 and so will be at the  bridge near low tide, should be no problem. The Coast Guard is policing the waterways to prevent speeders. A bow wave at the height of the river now washes right into the houses through a window! 

The ducks are friendly and always looking for a handout
To celebrate our last day we had lunch at Greg Norman's Australian Grill, a great choice. Sarah had the crab cake sandwich and seemed pleased with the choice. Ann and I had our traditional fillet mignon. 

The end of our stay at Barefoot Landing
Then it was time for shopping. Izod has an outlet here that was having a sale on golf shirts at 80% off which resulted in $8 shirts, a good deal. It's a nice area to walk around in, well kept with lots of things to look at. All that is help by the weather with temperatures in the mid 70's and humidity around 45%, nice. Time to move on.