Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thunderbolt Marina at Savannah - at a dock

Seagulls love shrimp boats!
Today I woke up with Hoolie in my bed that was nice, but I was still a little sleepy. We went off to catch the 9:30 opening, it was like a bunch a of boat lining up to go through the bridge. I curled the ropes and put the step back, also it hasn't been cold for the past mornings we have been up early. I think it is about 84 degrees today and we have the AC on, it is hot. I did my work, and read out of my book am on page 63 I think. It was a really nice day out on the water, I had my lunch then we arrived. I threw the ropes and it landed around the cleat and I pulled, I thought I wasn't going to make it but it did. Then I jumped off the boat on to the dock and tied it, it felt good to be important in the crew. Then we did some laundry, Nana and I sat down so I wrote some out of my book am writing. We headed back to the boat with Hoolie, also I saw a MEGA, MEGA yacht it looks like a mini Crouse ship. I was amazed that some one had the money for that three story house on water. Then I put back the aft cabin because we were going to have a battery put in the boat but didn't. That is right in the aft cabin so we had to take every thing out that was tiring. Although I did put it back all nicely, I played on my tablet and draw a little bit. We are having fresh scallops for dinner bye! Sarah

Thunderboat is the home of megayacht repairs and outfitting
Day two of the shallows but we didn't find anything less than 6 ft MLW. We had another day of winds under 10 kts and full sunshine, just a beautiful day for traveling. I need to replace one of my 4D house batteries. It has shorted internally and run very hot. I disconnected it from the circuit and ordered another one from Thunderbolt Marine. Unfortunately, they crossed their wires and the replacement battery was not ready so we'll move on without it. I still have two good house batteries which is not ideal but enough. I'll replace them in Titusville.

The tides are moving to later in the day, not ideal now. To compensate, we have to leave Friday morning no later than 7:00 am to have 2 ft of tide at Hell Gate which only has 3 ft at low tide. With a total of 5 ft, I should be able to make it through with my 4 ft 9 inch keel, barely. Also on the bad side, the tide will be dropping so if I can't make it all the way through, I'll  be stuck somewhere in the Hell Gate passage until the tide returns, ouch. 

We are entering a part of the ICW where we can anchor out for the next several days with Friday night being on the Wahoo River.