Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Barefoot Landing Marina - day two

Our full time Boatswain - she's learning all the jobs aboard, like filling the tanks.  
This morning I had breakfast and took a shower. We are still here in Barefoot landing, and I did some work. I started French today day that was fun, we have a book on a iPad and a work book. We learned about the family room furniture, also greetings. I read a lot out of my book, it is hot here about 80 degree I would say. I filled the water tank today that took a long time to fill up. Then we went on a walk with Hoolie, we saw the shops and pretty flowers. The flowers look like they're out of a Florida book, but we are in South Carolina now. Then we went by where you can feed the fish, they are like those gumball machines but filled with fish food. It looked like hamster food kind of, I looked through all of them because I didn't have a quarter. I found two pieces and threw them in, there was a big fish I named him Tiger. He had light stripes and was the biggest fish there. I have to say there were about forty small fish maybe more. I also found a really big leaf about the same size of my hand. It was orange little dead and I used it for cooling down and shade. Then we headed back after some window shopping. It is getting breezy, and I read a bit more, also tided up the aft cabin (the aft cabin is where I sleep, cabin). Well I want to read a little more and we are having taco's for dinner bye. Sarah

The area is filled with restaurants, must be a dozen at least
It was a busy day getting odds and ends done on the boat. One thing about boating, there is never a time when you say, "Gee, there's nothing to do...." There is ALWAYS something that needs doing on a boat. Today it was some cleaning, filling of the water tanks, provisioning, filling of one propane tank, more wine along with algebra and French lessons for Sarah. The algebra lessons are tough, I didn't have algebra until highschool, now they are starting in the 8th grade. 

Looks like a new moon, the high tides are welcomed in the shallow spots
The water continues to subside although not by very much. It looks like we can get under all the bridges now with our 55.3 ft mast and the  boat ahead of us left this morning and he has a 60 ft mast. The ICW channel by Barefoot Landing continues to rip by, no let up there that we can see. 

We still plan on staying through Friday morning and treating ourselves to lunch at Greg Norman's Australian Grill, our favorite restaurant on the ICW. Sarah has her selection already picked out, a crab cake sandwich. The weather is wonderful with temps in the 70's during the day and in the 50's at night with very low humidity, around 45%. It's a grand time of the year for going south. We'll leave Friday morning for Georgetown.