Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Charleston - we visit the Charleston Natural History Museum - Guided tour!!

The former "dog park" is now finished - now no dogs allowed on the fields!
This morning we ate and got washed up, then went to the barn for a carriage tour ride. We sat on a seat in the back of the carriage, the horse that was pulling us was named Franklin, he is a big black horse that is really pretty. We saw a big house with unique feature like porches, doors, and the rim around the window. Then we got off and said bye to Franklin, there were other ponies, mules, and horses. After that we walked around in the market that was full of jewelry, baskets, and spices. Then we headed back to the boat to get some lunch. I got all ready for are private tour of a museum  of bones. There were dinosaur bones and eggs that was so cool to see because they're  so old. It feels like you're in a time machine seeing all these creatures, there were saber-toothed tiger and mammoth. There was also mammoth hair, I had a good idea for the creatures because I watched a movie with old animals. I got to touch a three billion and a half old rock, it was smooth and looked cool. After that we waited for our electric car service to come and picked us up. Then I draw a bit and watched TV it was a pretty peaceful afternoon. We are having chicken wrap for dinner bye! Sarah

Large horse, small kid
First on the agenda was a ride in a horse drawn carriage down the historic section of Charleston. I think Sarah enjoyed the ride and the horses more than the scenery. The horse was huge and it took only one to pull our carriage. All the other carriages had two horses. After the ride we had to walk down the indoor market with all the vendors. Selling hand made baskets was a big  business that Charleston is known for.

Our free, electric ride
In the afternoon we decided to take the Scoop ride service which is free although we did tip. They use electric cars to give personal service anywhere in Charleston. They will come and pick you up and take you where you want to go, all at no charge. I asked the guy, what's your  business plan? How do you stay in business? He replied that he has four cars and he sells the advertising space on the car which is supported by local merchants. He apparently makes a living with his fleet of four cars. I've never seen free taxi service with electric cars anywhere else.

Many thinks to Dr James Carew for his excellent guided tour!!
Scoop arrived on time and delivered us to the front steps of the Natural History Museum. We met with Dr James Carew, a professor at the Charleston College. We met through a mutual friend that read my blog on going down the ICW. He graciously gave us a guided tour of the exhibits, fascinating. The fossils have been meticulously prepared with a superb presentation.  

We plan on leaving Wednesday for points south. Once again the shallow waters start up again but we have a rising tide although not until the afternoon. First we have to get through a few shallows at near low tide, we ought to make it okay unless there's been a lot of changes since April - which is possible. I'll update Active Captain along the way and report on my progress through the "adventure" sections of the ICW tomorrow.