Saturday, October 3, 2015

Hampton - we visit the Virginia Air and Space Museum

A movie of a closeup of the sun was one exhibit
Today we settled down and I played with my clay. I made roses and flowers, I like playing with it more then making things then dry it. Then after lunch we went to the Air and Space museum. We saw lots of planes and there was a science place too. They had a lot of things to do like make a paper air plane and shoot it though the circle. Grandpa showed me how to make a really cool one and I got two shots in a row. We also went in a old air plane and  could press the buttons too. We also went up to a machine which you could fly the tiny plane. Then we went to the IMAX to see Journey to Space. I was so cool we saw what they are working on, which is to go to Mars and maybe make a living there. Think about it spaceports and airports. It was amazing to think about the future. Then we went to the kid's center and I tried on a suit just my size. Then we wondered around and went to play with these cool blocks that you can attach with noodles almost. There was also a ball pit that I went into, it was a lot of fun. After that Nana called it quits and we walked back to the boat. Then I played with my clay, also I read a little bit. Well got to go to Mars bye

Our astronaut in training
The Virginia Air and Space Museum is focused on school kids. There are lots of things to do for the young ones as well as having former space capsules and vintage airplanes. Langely Air Force Base is nearby and it shows in the exhibits. The rain finally stopped for awhile and we took advantage of the break to take Sarah to the museum.

They also have an IMAX in 3D so we took advantage of that to see Journey to Space. Unfortunately, about 1/2 way through the movie they had a power outage and we all marched out to await a reset. They had lost power to the entire building. They restored power a few minutes later but the movie was digital and for some reason they had to start over again from the beginning, oh well. 

Construction in foam blocks, never saw that before
Meanwhile, the hurricane is turning northeast as predicted so it will be far off shore from us. However, we will still get the winds, 25 kts with gusts to 30 and perhaps 35 or 40 even as it passes  by out to sea. With that we are still staying put to let the hurricane run its course. That puts us on target for a Tuesday departure where we plan on heading down the Dismal Canal provided it's open and tree limbs haven't blocked our path. With the east wind we expect another occurrence of high water which we're watching carefully although I don't know where we would go if it got too high. Just hanging out for now.