Friday, October 9, 2015

RE Mayo - at their dock

slender bridge in the middle of nowhere approaching RE Mayo
This morning we were off to Hobucken, and we had breakfast. I did a little work today, and I finished my book. I have the second, it's like a to be continued that is so interesting. Then I wrote a few comic's in my book and we arrived. I had the stern lines ( back ropes), and I wrapped around the big pilings ( poles you wrap the line around). It was fun doing knots and getting orders from the captain. The dock was all messy with the storm  last week, full of trash. It is very hot here, and after we were tied up we went to sign in. They also have a boat / fish store, I got a sweatshirt because some days are cold and I don't have a coat. Also I saw snow on the ground, kidding it is actually ice from there freezer, to me it looked like snow. We went back on the boat and I played with my clay some and it's falling a part sadly. Then I played on my tablet, wrote a little bit, and watch TV. Man am I interesting, we are having shrimp for dinner with some of Nana and Grandpa's friends. Well bye got to go play with Hoolie bye. Sarah.

Notice the debris on the RE Mayo docks
Another lazy start since we only had 26 miles to go for a dock at RE Mayo so we got off around 9:00 am. The water is starting to go down, about 1/2 foot since last night. Hoolie now has a beach for his morning relief. Once again there was no wind so we motored to RE Mayo. Once there we were the only ones on the dock. They only have one 30 amp outlet which we parked on right away. You can't draw very much current, certainly not 30 amps but it was just enough for our A/C, it was a hot day. 

RE Mayo is alive and well. They had a foot of water in their store and the docks were covered. It shows in the debris on the docks and the still wet grounds. We came in by ourselves (do not expect any help) and docked fine. The fenders should be placed vertically since they have horizontal boards between the pilings. The big attraction here is the seafood. They had fresh shrimp for $5/lb which we had tonight, delicious! We also took advantage of the frozen selection which included more shrimp  and scallops, both frozen in blister packs, great for packing a freezer on a boat. Also, the $0.40/ft dockage fee is not bad either. 

We had friends over for dinner who live in the area, the Pat and Bill Zeising and had a great time. We plan on moving on to Cedar Creek  on Saturday, crossing the Neuse River which you want to do on a calm day. We're only one day behind our progress last year.