Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pungo River - at anchor

No wind, flat water, calm night
This morning we didn't leave early so we sat down and had breakfast. Before breakfast I took a shower that felt good. Then we were off, there were only two boats left in the marine. We went though a couple bridges and a swampy kind of place. Then I brought out my school books, algebra was a little hard but fun when you got the hang of it. After I got some of my work done, I had lunch. Then we did some language arts with the black cat in the window where you describe the cat with nouns, adverbs, verb, object and adjective. Then I played a little on my tablet, also my book is getting very interesting. I am on page 303 out of 340, and I can probably finish it this week. We are at anchor with no other boats and it's extremely peaceful, the quietest place I have ever been. We walked Hoolie, but he was very annoying eating all kinds of things like crab. After that I think I might read my book a little more, I also have the second one too. I also added a couple little figures to my tiny collection octopus and a dolphin. Nana is making dinner and grandpa is swatting fly's, Hoolie is on the patrol for food. Well I am going to enjoy the peace bye. Sarah.

Our first real sunset of the cruise

We didn't get started out of the marina until 9;15, talk about a lazy start! We had a 6:45 am and 7:00 am start the previous two days so the crew was in no mood for another early start. We only had 38 miles to go so it was no big deal, we arrived at Pungo River by 2:30. There was no wind, Alligator River was perfectly flat so we motored south in the warm sunshine. We didn't see any debris from the storms. The water levels in the river are higher than normal, about 2 to 3 ft I would estimate. That also has an effect upon Hoolie's beach at the Pungo River anchorage, it was underwater but he was able to find grass further in. 

It has turned very warm with highs in the 80's around here, 75 right now outside at 7:00 pm. We'll settle down for a calm night and on Friday we plan on a dock at RE Mayo if we can find a spot. We're looking forward to a shrimp dinner with Bill and Pat Zeising, friends of ours that moved to North Carolina.