Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fernandina - at anchor, we dine out at Pepper's

Not a wise maneuver in my view - he got five blasts on the horn
This morning I woke up and we had breakfast. I read a bit of my book that was good and did my math for today. After that I had a tiny snack, It's a rainy day, but goes from a mist to a pour. I finished my book work then we go out to town. Nana went to go get her hair cut, then Grandpa and I went around and looked at stores. There was one store that had a fish and turtles out front in tiny ponds, I thought the turtle would be so much happier in the wild. We went into some stores with paintings, they were really detailed and looked so real. Then we met up with Nana and her haircut looked very nice I think. After that we went to a Mexican restaurant for early dinner late lunch. I had really good taco that had pork and onions in it. Then we headed back to the boat, I was pretty cold with the tiny drops of rain and the wind. Now I might read some more of my book and well we had dinner so bye! Sarah

There are a few places where we always dine out, Fernandina is one of them. We like the Mexican restaurant, Pepper's, which is only a few blocks from the Marina. There are lots of restaurants in the area of all types and lots of places to browse through. It's a nice, compact town. However, there's very little in the way of provisions nearby, it's devoted to tourists, not cruisers. 

It's Fernandina so it must be haircut day!
It was a rainy day and we were in the cockpit when we heard the ship danger signal, five loud blasts. Looking over in that direction we saw a small sailboat crossing right in front of a huge ocean going ship being helped by a tugboat to dock. I am sure they did not appreciate the sailboat crossing their path! 

On Wednesday we're off for Harbortown Marina at Jacksonville. It's right on the ICW so we don't have to motor up the St John's River to the city proper. The marina was willing to rent dockage to transients until one unscrupulous couple sued the marina for supposed tripping on one of their docks (they are all brand new, in mint condition) so now they no longer welcome transients. They never made much money off transients anyway, they were just letting transients use docks empty for the moment owned by a condo as a goodwill gesture. However, the dockmaster knows us and we're still invited. It is really unfortunate that one bad apple can spoil it for everyone.