Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cumberland Island - at anchor

A canopy of trees
Today we were headed off again a little early and I was a little sleepy. We had cereal for breakfast, then I played on my tablet and read, got to tell you the trip there is  boring. It's when we got there, the breeze felt wonderful and we arrived to Cumberland island. It 's an anchorage and this island has wild horses! After we settled in a bit and ate lunch we headed over to the island ourselves, it's a national park so there is a dingy dock. There were big twisted trees with Spanish Moss, it hangs on trees but not attached that looks gray. It's pretty in parts but some times it looks dismal in a way, it was pretty when we saw it. I went down the path that had horse poop and tired to point out where they would be. We walked down the path onto the biggest and longest beach I have ever went on. Even there we saw no horses at all, I was disappointed with that land not a horse in sight. When we went back I saw an armadillo, in my excitement I ran to look at it, in my stupidity it also ran away. I seen one before and closer so I wasn't sad it ran away. I named it Marron that is brown in French, you say it like mah-rah. After that some people said the horses were by some grassy parts that we might go to tomorrow. After a nice glass of lemonade Nana saw some horses on the shore. There were three I named the tiny one Charlie, the big brown one Coco, and the last white one Bonbons that means candy in French, bohn-bohns. They were so pretty I wish I was on the island with them, then. After that I am talking to you, we are having tuna tonight bye! Sarah

A beautiful beach
We had never visited Cumberland Island in our previous five trips even though we had heard so many good things about it so this time, with Sarah, we decided not to miss the opportunity. It's a National Park so my Golden Passport is good, no charge. There's a place to anchor at no charge and a free dinghy dock.There's a beach to explore and even horses that run free. Sarah was fascinated that the horses were on the beach. They appeared to be drinking the water on the bay side. Isn't that salty? 

Horses drinking salt water?
We plan on spending Sunday exploring the rest of the park before moving on to Fernandina. The weather has finally warmed up with temperatures in the low 80's, nice.