Monday, October 26, 2015

Fernandina - at anchor

Sarah tried making conversation but no luck
This morning we didn't have to get up early we actually left at eleven o'clock. I read To Kill a Mocking Bird, it is getting really good, I love the characters. Then we arrived, it was a very short trip only hour and a half. I did all of my work and I read a little bit too. We went in to shore to the dingy dock and looked around. We saw some people that knew Grandpa from his website, we talked to them for  while. Then we walked down the street, it looks like a very old town. There was jewelry, clothes and books and we stopped by the bookstore because I am going through books fast. We looked around and found two from the series my aunt said were good. We walked around a little more and headed back to the dink. It was a nice and windy from the sky, we hooked back on then I read. I also played with Hoolie a bit, he's really cute and small. We are having something delicious for dinner bye! Sarah

Lots of shrimp boats in Fernandina - even in the harbor
Fernandina is only a very short distance away but it's always a place we like to stop at. They have a variety of shops to look through and a bookstore along with many restaurants. The marina is overpriced at $2/ft and the moorings are likewise too high at $20/night so we just anchor out. There's enough room for an armada, no problem and by anchoring you don't get the annoying mooring ball knocking up against the side of your boat at 2:00 am in the morning with wind against tide. The marina has a dinghy dock for use by those that anchor out with a fee of $3/day which is reasonable. 

Ready for Christmas?
So we walked through town and Ann and Sarah went through a bookstore to find reading material for Sarah, they found a couple of books that looked good for her age group. Fernandina is one of  the places where Ann always gets a haircut. They have an outstanding hair salon, Magna's Salon. If you don't make an appointment weeks in advance, you won't get in. They are very good and very popular and less than 1000 ft from the marina, right on main street. 

So we will be here another day and leave Wednesday morning. I'll take the girls out for a Mexican dinner Tuesday evening. We always have mexi at Pepper's, our twice a year treat. Sarah likes Mexican food too so she's also looking forward to the experience.