Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor - at a dock

Well, we'd rather have the boat on the right...
This morning we went off to Camachee Island, it is a new marina they have never been to. I started in my school work this morning, I read and now am on page 200 something. The trip  here was mostly work, but I did get a chance to write a little bit before we went in. I had the stern line like usual, but I couldn't quite throw the rope right. We went to the diesel dock first to refuel, then they moved us to our dock for the night. I tried to throw it again, but I only got half of the cleat. That made me mad, so after we got in I tried to practice with the ropes on the cleat. Then I put the step out and curled up the lines on the dock. It is so hot out here I think it was 90 degree when we came in, I also saw some birds resting on the bow of the boat. We don't want bird poop on deck so I went to go scare them off. We are having chicken salad for dinner tonight and bye!  Sarah

Great to be in Florida with the warm weather and great sunsets
We left Fernandina around 9:00 and negotiated the famous shallows south of there with an eight foot tide! That was obvious easy but I did map the path corrected for MLW and found a 10 ft MLW path which I'll post on Active Captain later. The rest of the shallow spots between Fernandina and St Augustine were unchanged and passable at low tide if you knew the path. 

We had intended taking a dock at Harbortown, just south of the St Johns River, but the condo governing body decided to not rent out slips to any mre transients given their past bad experiences, too bad for us. We we motored on south to Camachee Cove Yacht Harbor. It's not a bad place and makes a good stop before St Augustine which we'll go to on Thursday. We want tos how Sarah the town and the fort. It's a great place to visit if you've never been there before. Our normal route is to bypass St Augustine and anchor out at Ft Matanzas and then anchor out at Rockhouse Creek before winding up at Titusville Marina but with Sarah we thought we'd see the sights.