Sunday, November 1, 2015

Bethune Park in Daytona - at anchor

Sunrise over Daytona - first day without DST
Today we were off again to Titusville, it's the last spot we are going to move the boat to. We ate breakfast, then lifted up the anchor and it was hot but with a good breeze. I wrote a bit out of my book and read out of a fun book my mom got me. I also looked out for dolphins, when Grandpa said they saw a dolphin besides the boat last year. That same time I saw a dolphin right by the side of the boat, it scared the heck out of me. Just picture some creature (that kind of looked like a shark) jump out of the water right beside you. Its fin looked damaged maybe by a boat propeller, I named it Blue. Then a little ways down we saw some more, they weren't right by the boat but cool to look at. I also steered a little bit, I turned the boat around a corner of trees. You have a line to follow, then you have your depth to check, look out for tiny boats, and look for junk in your way. It gets a little tiring so I sat down, then we headed up to the marina and I swung the rope on the piling. Then I made it on the piling (a log like thing to tie up too), then put out the electric. After that  I decided to design a boat,  then I found it so much fun, somehow I know am going to pick up a career with boats. After a little chilling out we took Hoolie to the dog park, there were two other dogs there and man did Hoolie run. We walked back to the boat and here I am talking to you. We are having pizza for dinner that is delivered onto the boat it's Papa Johns, bye. Sarah

It was a very quiet night at anchor.The anchorage here is huge so it's never crowded and with the free dinghy dock, it's perfect for Hoolie. We had the time change over night but we still woke up at our usual time of 6:45 am which with the time change was 5:45 am! At least we had a very leisurely breakfast by the time we left at 8:00 am (time after daylight savings time ended). 

The docks are very sturdy
Heading south we didn't encounter any shallow water, even Ponce de Leon inlet on the ICW was fine, I had expected thin water after reading some of the comments but perhaps it was dredged or the buoys moved, no problem today, I updated Active Captain for the hazard. 

I had reserved A39 which is on the south side of A dock and has the finger on the starboard side when bow in. With that arrangement, northerners that blow down hit us on the bow, keeping the cockpit cozy and easterners will blow us away from the dock so the boat doesn't bang up against an unforgiving piling. The north and east are the two storm directions down here. They are still $10/ft for a month's stay, reasonable. They also have three brand new commercial grade washers and three dryers, much appreciated. But best of all, they have a new WiFi system professionally installed that actually works. I routinely get 10 Mbps speeds which is better than anywhere on the ICW I've been at so far. 

So we are now starting phase II of our trip south and will be here until we rent a car for the trip north for the holidays before returning in early January. We will take advantage of Enterprise's offer of $10/day rental over the weekend and I've already reserved this coming weekend for exploring the area. With all taxes, it totals $40 for three days, not bad.