Monday, October 5, 2015

Hampton - last day

What is that strange glow in the sky!?? Haven't seem that for a week!
This morning I had chocolate cereal for breakfast (editor's note: Kellogg's Cocoa Krispies, oh well...) Then I did my work, math, vocab, and grammar. When I was working saw dolphins, about six of then. There names are Sally, Sam, Serena, Seri, Savanna, and Sear. All with S's I know, It was really hard to think of names with S's. They were so close to the boat, I was so cool. After all the work was done we had some lunch. I had some left over sweet and sour chicken, it was really good. Then I drew a little, and played with my clay. I opened the blue package today and made different flowers with petals. Then we went for a walk, it was a little cold so Nana headed to the boat and we carried on. The tide was coming up a little bit and we walked Hoolie. He loves going on walks and looking at new and cool things. There is this bush that has thorns on the leaves, and the first time I saw them I got bit with it. It's a very evil plant I say, then we headed back to the boat. I decided to make scenes with the clay and put my Lego characters in it, it because I made them drown in the blue clay. Were having sesame pork chop with some sort of yummy salad, well got to go play with my clay bye. 

Downtown Hampton has a very nice street of shops and restaurants that we never got to see in the torrential downpour
Hurray, the winds died down to only 20 kts today with the occasional gust to 25. It seems very calm now with such a light wind after you've been calibrated to 25 to 35 with gusts to 40 for the last week. Looking at the forecast, we now plan on resuming our trip south on Tuesday with a layover at the Visitors' Center in the Dismal Swamp for the night. They have a nice museum that Sarah would enjoy at the center. 

I called the Visitors' Center to be sure the canal was open since trees often block the canal when high winds come but I was assured that all was okay. They had three boats through today and so we shouldn't have much trouble. I expect we'll receive the usual log bumping along the way. We've never been through the canal without a few thuds on the keel from logs on the bottom even though we only draw 4' 9". 

We took the time here to do laundry twice, take on water, change the oil and fuel filters on both the main diesel and the genset, download three movies to the iPad (slow over the marina internet), provision for the next leg and take on ice. I think we're ready to move. We hope to be off by 7:00 to make the 11:00 lock opening at the Dismal Swamp. 


Jeff said...

Please be careful out there - more than other years. We all need your updates but things are scary this year and you're early, even now.

There have already been hazards entered of a house sliding off land and into the ICW blocking most of it. It was finally towed off today onto the banks.

The governor of SC claimed that this is the worst rainfall in his state over the last 1,000 years. Mt Pleasant received 24" of water and they weren't the highest.

There is going to be a lot of debris on the water and some you won't be able to see under the water. No one is better at surveying than you but please be a little more careful this year than before. We all need you!

Safe travels,


Bob423 said...


Thanks for the warning and thoughts. We'll resume our trip south Tuesday. I called the Dismal Swamp welcome center and they spoke to the captains of three boats that came in today and said everything was clear. Debris from the storm had already been tied off to the side, good work down there.