Saturday, October 10, 2015

Morehead City Yacht Basin - at a dock

Coming down the Neuse River, a little rough at first
This morning we ate breakfast and went to Morehead City, North Carolina. I helped with the lines on the stern, also did a couple knots too. It was a little rocker, but not so bad just uncomfortable. I did read some more of my book now on book two. Then we arrived, I helped with the tying. After that we checked with the dock master, we also got some magazines that looked good. Then I help with the dink, we had to move it from the back to the side of the boat. I learned to tie the line on a cleat (that is the thing you tie the line to). I did some more knots that are a lot of fun to do. It's cool to help with all the stuff I though I'd never do. Then we got a car to go shopping, we went to Walmart. We got donuts for tomorrow morning, and some cookies. Then we headed back to the boat, the hard part is getting it on the boat with the wind. We also saw some more dolphins today, they were so many I didn't name them. We are having some chicken that is going to be good. Well bye got to go read a bit bye. Sarah

We had intended anchoring out at Cedar Creek but even though we left at 9:00 (our usual early start...) we were at the anchorage by 12:30 so we motored on to Morehead City, another 16 miles. We had a ripping tide behind us so we were doing 9.2 kts most of the way. 

Sarah coiled all the lines (see photo) and positioned the dinghy so it wouldn't bang against the side of the boat
The marina here has a courtesy car for transient use although they do charge $10 for 2 hours of use. Still, it's a good deal if you need to visit the nearest Walmart for supplies, we certainly did. We have plenty of frozen meat and canned goods but we run out of fresh fruits and bread after a time. We are now resupplied. 

A front is coming through tonight with lots of rain and I'm looking for an opening on the radar for a quick trip to shore for Hoolie. It's much easier when you're docked than at anchor. There's not much to the town here, Morehead City. It's mostly a narrow strip of land with lots of strip malls along side the road. However, they do have all the main stores we need including the Walmart. At any rate, we're now fixed for the leg to Barefoot Landing. Our next stop will be Swan Point Marina which gets us through the Marine camp on Sunday where they occasionally do live firings during the week when the ICW is then closed for the duration. The weekend is usually okay.