Friday, March 27, 2015

Key West - Wrong part arrives again!!

The injector pump has the four pipes out the top
These people are a bunch of incompetents. For the second time the Volvo dealer ordered the same P/N and for the second time the wrong stuff was in the box even though it had the correct P/N label on the outside. I found this out after the mechanic failed to appear when expected. I had to call the dealer to find out the status, not a sign of good customer relations.

So now they've order the part for the third time! It's supposed to arrive Saturday morning and could be installed by early afternoon. If early enough we could still make it out in time to reach Marathon or at least Newfound Harbor. However, all is up in the air at the moment, I've lost confidence in these guys. When queried about the problem the response I got was, "It's not our fault, Volvo made the mistake", as if they didn't represent Volvo to the customer, groan.

Stormy weather for the next 12 hours or longer
So we sit here once again. Is the third time a charm or will the dealer strike out? According to him, "This has never happened before!", Ha! I bet he tells that to everyone. If we can't get out on Saturday, we'll be here until Friday when the winds are due to abate out of the east, that's another $700 in dockage fees, Key West is not cheap. All this assumes that the new injector pump fixes all our problems (and that the new pump is not defective...) Want to take bets?