Thursday, March 5, 2015

Key West - Warming Up

A full moon rises over Key West Bight
It got a little over 80 today but with the 15 kt wind it was comfortable in the cockpit. Unfortunately, I had to do taxes, a must once a year before 4/15. So I turned on the A/C and went below to pay Uncle Sam my respects. TurboTax has gotten greedy. Their "Deluxe" no longer has forms needed if you sell stock, unlike last year. You have to buy the "Premier" version. They've been bombed so bad on Amazon reviews that they finally rescinded the policy and are now offering rebates with a promise that next year the Deluxe version will be full featured. You've got to like the power of the crowd on

Powerboat central, not for us at A & B Marina
So I pounded away for about four hours and finally got it done, ugh. Even in paradise you have to do that sort of work, not fair. At least I don't have to shovel any snow - but there'll be a reckoning when I return in the summer with my snow remover. By this time you should start to feel some sympathy for my plight? Oh well.

Willie T's
The nightly walk along Duval Street is still doable, the crowds aren't so thick you can't walk the sidewalks, especially with a dog which parts the crowd. So we went by the familiar haunts and Willie T's was hopping. That's the one covered in dollar bills that so impressed Sarah. The spring breakers are now evident but they stay along Duval Street and don't seem to venture out near the docks close to us. We're going to check out Kelly's on Friday.