Saturday, March 14, 2015

Key West - Roosters and Hens and chicks

A Key West Rooster
We don't run on the weekends but we still get out for an afternoon walk. I was downtown and photographed a rooster with his mate crossing the street so I waited for him to reach full sunlight for a picture. He is typical of roosters in Key West, they all look alike, as do the hens.

The hens take care of the chicks
In case you're worried about them reproducing, I saw a hen with three chicks crossing Duval. Everybody stopped traffic so they could get across safely. Once across I took a photo of the hen with her chicks up on a set of steps by the street. Obviously the chickens seem to be doing fine in Key West. It's not unusual to see them wandering through open air restaurants as you eat at night, especially in places like Blue Heaven and Schooner Wharf which have no walls or roof. It's all part of the Key West scene.