Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Key West - St Patrick's Day

Skraeling at Schooner Wharf
Just another great day in Key West. It was a little cooler today with a morning temperature of 74 (77 yesterday morning). With bright sunshine out, we headed over to the St. Patrick Day street celebration at Backspace, the new restaurant that replaced the Irish pub that was there last year. Although Backspace is not Irish, they continued the Irish tradition of the street fair along side the restaurant. They had an Irish band, of course, and had a buffet for $10 with corned beef and cabbage, shepherd's pie, or bangers. I had just the corned beef and cabbage, quiet passable for $10. They had a beer vendor for $5/drink which was fine. So we all enjoyed the food and music, a good start to the afternoon.

Roosters and hens wander freely 
Then it was back to the boat to rest up for the night. Skraeling was back at Schooner Wharf Tuesday night so we headed over at 6:30 pm and just now got back at 8:30 pm. The band was still going strong and the star was still the fiddler. There's something magical about watching an expert fiddler in person. Recordings do not do it justice, it's not the same - you don't get the audience interaction and the true feel of the music.

My favorite Key West musician
While the music was playing, we were visited by a typical Key West rooster and his hen. They have a free roam of Key West and most of the restaurants. Most of the tables in Schooner Wharf have a sun umbrella. Now the restaurant is covered by trees so the sun is not a problem and it very seldom rains during the winter months. The question for the audience is: Why are there large beach umbrellas on  the tables? Answer tomorrow...