Monday, March 9, 2015

Key West - Riding buses and Island Time Duo

This map displays on your iPhone, the little bus icon in the upper right moves realtime
Key West has one of the most sophisticated transit scheduling systems in the US. You can access over the internet where the bus is that you're waiting for (it's shown on a map of Key West) and also click on your bus stop and get an estimate of when it will arrive in real time. So you can wait in your hotel (or boat), watching the bus icon move along the Key West streets and when it gets close enough, walk out to the nearest bus stop and catch it. I wish all cities in the US had such a system. It's been in Key West even since we started coming five years ago.So we used the city bus to get groceries today at a total cost of $2 ($0.50 each, each way).

You can get a feel for the open air type arena that is School Wharf
We had sushi for an appetizer and lamb chops for dinner followed by Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Then it was off to Schooner Wharf to catch the Island Time Duo. They play steel drums and sing music that I find pleasant to listen to. The stage has a roof but the seating area does not, it's all an open area with chickens and roosters wandering around. It makes for an interesting atmosphere.

Nighttime on the way back to Fleetwing
The wind continues to howl but it's coming over land now so we're calm as is Schooner Wharf. The temperature at 9:00 pm is 77 so it's very comfortable just sitting outside and enjoying the night and since it's still the dry season, there's no insects.