Monday, March 2, 2015

Key West - Another fine day and Schooner Wharf at night

Always, always full - the dinghy dock
Yesterday was a hard day to top so we didn't try. Ann's putting together a photo album for Sarah and we spent most of the morning getting the pictures together. There are a number of websites that will take your photos and put together a booklet at a reasonable price ($30).

Meanwhile, we enjoy just sitting on the back of the boat and watching the world go by, specifically the boat traffic from the ones anchored out. There is a great variety of dinghies, skiffs, and whatnot that make the trip in. There is a dinghy dock you can use for $6/day but it obeys the law of all dinghy docks - it's always full to the gills - any time of the day or night. The only exception I've ever seen is at Marathon where they approached the problem with an over supply of docks, a rarity at any marina on the east coast.

Schooner Wharf is still going strong - great duo
A walk with Hoolie ended up with a stopover at Schooner Wharf. They had a two man band playing steel drums and sounded pretty good, at least to my untrained ear. The lead guy was from Minnesota and came down eight years ago and never seemed to find his way out after that. It happens more often than you think. A nice relaxing day. We still keep an eye out at home with our webcams. The front driveway is snow covered again (!) No hurry to get home.